Keenan Vineyard

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Elevation: 1750-1850ft
Clone: CS-15
Rootstock: 110r

We are extremely pleased to present our Spring Mountain Cabernet from the historic Keenan “Big K” estate vineyard. Our block sits at the highest elevation on the property, providing a breathtaking vista. The clone CS-15 is relatively uncommon and lends a core of black fruit to the wine. The Spring Mountain appellation is defined by vineyards that range from small to smaller, often hand-tilled on terraces and sloping meadows, and wineries hidden from view among dark forests and steep winding roads. Over the years, despite its limited space and remoteness, the appellation has produced an abundance of wines acclaimed worldwide for the unmistakable intense flavor and delicate, balanced tannins that are now the signature of Spring Mountain wines. Flint Knoll is proud to be able to work with the Keenan family and make wine from this legendary location. The appellation lies above the town of St. Helena on the eastern slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains that separate Napa Valley from Sonoma Valley and the Santa Rosa Plain.